This page includes information on:

  • RISD Transportation Management Plan
  • RISD Rides Shuttle Service
  • Bus Rentals
  • Automobile Rentals
  • Van Rentals
  • Zipcar's Partnership with RISD
  • RIPTA (Rhode Island Public Transportation Authority)

RISD Transportation Management Plan

In order to better meet the needs of everyone who visits, studies or works on campus, the RISD Transportation Task Force (TTF) is conducting a comprehensive analysis of all means of travel to, from and within the campus. In spring 2019, RISD hired nationally-recognized sustainable campus transportation experts Nelson\Nygaard to develop a comprehensive plan for balancing access, transit and parking demands with the need to preserve walkability on campus.

The TTF is pleased to announce that Cabinet has approved the Transportation Management Plan for RISD. In collaboration with Nelson\Nygaard, we have worked to understand the current transportation structure and related issues and opportunities, and have developed a multi-year approach to improve the transportation environment at RISD. The plan does not completely solve overall issues but seeks, over several years, to improve parking, transportation to and from campus, visitor parking, biking, pedestrian safety and other areas. The TTF has also aligned the plan with Next: RISD 2020–2027 in its commitment to contribute to a sustainable planet, shape just societies and secure RISD’s future.

Please read the plan and provide your thoughts via this form. The TTF will now focus its work on implementation of the plan. Community updates on that work will be provided periodically. Thank you to the faculty, staff and students who have helped shape this plan for RISD.

Transportation Task Force members:

Dave Proulx (Chair)—SVP for Finance and Administration
Cassidy Duquet (staff to the task force)—Facilities Operations Specialist
Bethany Costello—Director, Community Relations
Babette Allina—Executive Director, Government Relations
Jason Arnone—Career Advisor
Alex Ellis—City of Providence
Normand Gamache—Director, Public Safety
Brittany Goodwin—Director, Disability Services (currently vacant)
Cassie Goryl—Human Resources Partner & Communications
Colleen Mullaly—Manager, Visitor Services, RISD Museum
Annie Newman—Director, Planning, Design and Construction
Jack Silva—VP for Campus Services
Gwen Strahle—Assistant Professor, Experimental and Foundation Studies

Transportation Management Plan

Key Issues and Opportunities


How to access the RISDRides app on MyRISD

  1. Go to on a desktop or download the MyRISD app on your mobile device
  2. Select your appropriate persona (i.e. students select "Students")
  3. Select "Going" tile
  4. Select "RISDRides" tile
  5. Click "Request RISDRides"

Please note: If you are a first-time user of RISDRides you will be prompted to create an account in the TransLoc Rider app when you request a ride for the first time. It is recommended that you use your RISD username as your username for this system, (for example John Davis would use jdavis). Once you build your profile you will need to select "Rhode Island School of Design."

If you need to request a ride from RISDRides but do not have a smartphone, you can still contact the Department of Public Safety at 401 427-6915 to request a ride.

How to request a ride
On-demand rides are scheduled from within the TransLoc Rider app. When service is available a blue icon will be visible and clicking on the icon will allow you to schedule a ride. When the icon is grey service is unavailable.

  1. Click the "Request a Ride" button
  2. Enter the address where you would like to be picked-up. (This can be done by typing in the address bar, making a selection from the "My Addresses" drop-down menu or by moving the pin on the map so that the green pin's location is where you would like to be picked-up.)
  3. Enter the address where you would like to be dropped-off
  4. Select the number of passengers for the ride. If you are only making a reservation for yourself, please click "Just Me."

Please note: You can save personal addresses in the "My Addresses" drop-down menu by going to "My Addresses" and clicking the "Create Address" button. Then, enter the address on a single line. Finally, enter a name for the address.

Verifying when RISDRides will arrive
Once you have scheduled a ride, click "View Ride" to access a live map that will show your pickup and drop-off locations, the vehicle’s location and your estimated pickup time.

A text message will also be sent to the phone number associated with your account 3-5 minutes prior to the arrival of your vehicle. You will also receive a text message when the driver arrives at your location.

How to cancel a RISDRides request

  1. Sign into the TransLoc Rider App
  2. On the left-hand menu, click "My Rides"
  3. Click on the ride you would like to cancel
  4. Click the "Cancel Ride" button

Please note: If you wish to change your ride or schedule a new one, you must first cancel your already scheduled ride.

Learn more about the RISDRides program, including hours of operation, at the Public Safety page.

Bus rentals

Through a sister division, First Transit provides the opportunity for bus rentals for field trips or events through Peter Pan Bus Lines, which offers the following charter pricing for bus rentals: $115.00/hour (6-hour minimum)

First Transit Contact Information for Charter Bus Rentals:
Travis Mills, First Transit General Manager
401 521-0730

MDT Bus Lines, Inc. Contact Information:
Sheila McGillicuddy
Phone: 508 336-7111
Fax: 508 336-7114

Automobile rentals

Through E&I Cooperative Services, RISD has access to contract pricing from Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental. Enterprise is the largest car rental company in North America and now owns National Car Rental.

These rates are accessible via RISD’s custom Egencia site. Please contact Procurement at if you have any questions about contract pricing or Egencia access.


Students, faculty and staff at RISD will now have wheels when they want them with Zipcar’s car-sharing program. RISD has partnered with Zipcar and the surrounding universities to give you access to 19 cars on or near campus. Cars are available on-demand, 24/7, and can be reserved by the hour or day. Gas, insurance, roadside assistance, and 180 miles are included for all reservations. Students, faculty, and staff can now join for just $15 and with hourly rates starting as low as $8.

Now it will be easy to get off campus whenever for errands, entertainment, even road trips! Plus avoid the hassles and expenses of owning a car and finding parking on campus. Students only need to be 18 to join and international students are welcome too. Interested? Sign up today!