Facilities Operations

Facilities Operations is responsible for the maintenance and repair to all RISD campus buildings and outdoor spaces. Services include electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling repair; carpentry, painting and locksmithing services. Custodial and Grounds services include housekeeping, landscaping, recycling, trash and snow removal.

Work Order Requests:

Work requests are submitted online at


Fred Flori
Director Facilities Operations
401 454-6482

Steven Johnson
Maintenance Supervisor
401 427-6976
General Maintenance/Vehicle repairs/Locksmithing

Bruce Jensen
Electric-Plumbing Supervisor
401 709-8594
Electrical/Plumbing/Fire Life Safety

David Crocker
Mechanical Supervisor
401 454-6357

Joe Melo
Custodial & Grounds Supervisor
401 454-6487

Cheryl Butler
Facilities and Work Order Request Assistant
401 454-6484

MaryJane George
Facilities Data Entry Clerk
401 277-4887

Donna Papineau
Senior Facilities Service and Systems Administrator
401 454-6485