Risk Management

Risk Management provides the RISD community—including faculty, staff, students and visitors—with the support, advice and leadership necessary to maintain a safe campus and to protect college assets while supporting the educational mission of the college. This is accomplished by identifying potential human, physical, financial and natural losses and evaluating the best method for handling risk via risk avoidance, prevention, transfer or insurance.

We are here to act as advisers and as a resource for the college in situations relating to exposure, risk and insurance.

When to contact Risk Management:

For insurance-related matters:

  • For evidence of RISD’s insurance
  • When reviewing a third-party certificate of insurance
  • When filing/reporting a claim
  • When insuring departmental property

For general risk-related issues:

  • Contract management
  • Risk assessment
  • Travel
  • Driver and vehicle use policy
  • Use of off-campus space
  • Installations

For guidance assessing and managing the risk of a specific activity, including, but not limited to:

  • Academic initiatives
  • Student activities
  • New programs/clubs/teams on campus
  • Field trips

Staff/faculty international travel

For all independent travel programs, including internships, ISP/CSP, faculty and staff travel, RISD partners with International SOS and Cigna to provide a comprehensive global security assistance and medical travel insurance program for community members while studying and working abroad.

Through this program, students and employees and their families have access to a number of services, including but not limited to:

  • pre-departure assistance with medical vaccinations, security, travel and cultural information.
  • emergency assistance that coordinates or deploys necessary resources in the event of an emergency abroad, including emergency medical services, evacuation, repatriation, passport assistance and security assistance.

Before you depart, log into the International SOS RISD Portal to register for health and security email alerts review valuable, comprehensive and timely country-specific information, and download an international membership card.

We also recommend you download and register for the ISOS app on your phone.

If you have any questions when planning or preparing for your trip please contact Risk Management or International SOS directly.

For international internships or independent study please complete a risk assessment of your program to review with RISD Global at your pre-departure meeting.

note: policies and information pertaining to faculty-led study abroad programs are available through RISD Global.

Information regarding student films

The Risk Management office can assist any RISD student required toshoot a film at an outside location requiring evidence of liability insurance coverage or using Screen Actors Guild actors. All students filming off campus must arrange a meeting with the Risk Management Office—please contact Jennifer Howley at 401 454-6497 or This meeting is essential to ensure that you get all the required paperwork completed prior to your shoot.

At this meeting, you must:

Screen Actors Guild: If you are using actors from the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), bring the form from SAG to the meeting with Risk Management, along with the names and social security numbers of the SAG actors that will be in your film. The SAG form has a section requiring a signature from the Risk Management Office as verification that worker’s compensation benefits will be applied to any SAG actor injured in the making of the student’s film. Alert Risk Management immediately in the event of an accident or injury on set that might result in a worker’s compensation claim.

RISD–issued electronic devices—lost/stolen/damaged

Institutional equipment insurance
RISD maintains a very high property insurance deductible. Because of this high deductible, equipment such as video cameras, laptop computers, printers, and other peripheral equipment are not covered by our policy. This means that if such equipment were damaged, destroyed or stolen, your department budget would be charged for the replacement cost.

What to do if your device is lost/stolen or damaged
If you discover that your RISD-issued device has been stolen, place a report with the Department of Public Safety. If the device is stolen from your car, home, or other location outside of the RISD campus, also contact the local police department in the city or town where the theft occurred.

To replace equipment, for any reason, please contact the IT Service Desk at 401 454-6106 or to report the incident and subsequently receive quotes and instructions for device repair or replacement.

A precaution you can take to aid in recovery if your device is stolen is to register with Public Safety, Monday through Friday from 8 am–5 pm. You will need to provide the serial number, make/model, year, and cost of your device. Always remember to back up and protect your information. RISD IT Services does not install tracking software on RISD computers.

To proactively safeguard yourself against data loss, please review the following documents from RISD IT Services:

RISD Whistleblower Tool

RISD is committed to operating lawfully, ethically and professionally in everything we do and accordingly expect our faculty and staff to perform their duties in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, college policies and procedures, and high ethical standards. When we fail to meet these standards, we want to address and correct it.

Ordinarily, the best and most effective means of addressing such failures is through normal lines of communication. We recognize, however, that people with knowledge of illegal or unethical conduct may sometimes be reluctant to come forward. Accordingly, like many other colleges and universities, RISD has contracted with EthicsPoint to create the RISD Whistleblower Tool. This tool provides a simple way to make such reports anonymously and confidentially.

Please see the RISD Whistleblower Policy for more information on reporting, EthicsPoint, and the RISD Whistleblower Tool.

Worker's compensation claims

Whenever there is an injury at RISD, whether the injured person is an employee (including work-study students and monitors) or not, the first priority is seeking proper medical care. Call Public Safety immediately at 401 454-6666. If the person injured is an employee (this includes student employees), the supervisor of the employee should also be notified.

Once on scene, Public Safety will treat the person or recommend transport, and will complete a Public Safety report. (Please note that this report is internal for Public Safety records; it is not widely distributed. For injured workers, a first report of injury must also be completed by the supervisor and sent directly to Human Resources.

Our worker’s compensation carrier is Beacon Mutual. For initial treatment of injured workers, access to services is available via Concentra, who can also provide followup treatment when necessary. Here are Concentra’s two closest locations to our campus.

290 Branch Avenue
Providence, RI 02904
2.2 Miles ‧ open until 5 pm
Phone: 401 722-8880

Warwick Mall
400 Bald Hill Road
Warwick, RI 02886
9.2 Miles ‧ open until 5 pm
Phone: 401 738-8100

Please note: employees injured on the job are not required by RISD to be seen at a specific location, they may choose their first medical care provider. Here is a link to RI Department of Labor Worker’s Comp frequently asked questions.

If you have any questions about reporting a workplace injury please contact Melanie Gomes in Human Resources or Jennifer Howley in Risk Management.