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Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources supports RISD’s mission by providing information, programs and consultation services that empower administrators, staff and faculty to do their best and to foster and promote an environment that encourages innovation and embraces diversity by supporting the belief that everyone deserves dignity and respect.

Our talented and dedicated staff is a critical part of what makes RISD special and the Office of Human Resources is committed to creating a positive and inclusive work environment for everyone.


Candace Baer
Vice President for Human Resources
401 454-6426

Nicole Da Cruz
Talent Acquisition Partner
401 454-6256

Catherine Davis
Director of Compensation and Benefits
401 454-6429

Alison Douglas
Human Resources Partner
401 454-6720

Cassie Goryl
HR Partner, Campus Services & Communication
401 427-6947

Nicole Lemery
Administrative Assistant
401 454-6606

Kimberly Lima
Manager, Human Resource Information Systems
401 454-6439

Alicia Luzon
Talent Acquisition Specialist
401 454-6760

Marissa McNally
Benefits Partner
401 454-6428

Elizabeth Rainone
Director of Employment and Employee Development
401 454-6427