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Dining + Catering

Phone numbers
For dining services calls: 401 454-6360
For catering inquiry calls: 401 709-8500

RISD Dining + Catering is adhering to all CDC guidelines and taking all precautions to keep our students, customers and staff safe.

At RISD Dining + Catering we pride ourselves on providing quality, delicious and artfully prepared food. Our team of professionals strives to exceed your expectations and awaken your senses. It is what sets us apart!

RISD Dining + Catering also has an environmental conscience. We share a deep concern with the public for the stewardship of our natural resources—and do our part by promoting recycling and energy efficiency and purchasing local products.

Dining Services mailing address: 2 College Street, Providence, RI 02903


Anne Colasanto
Director, Dining and Conference Services
401 454-6369

Eddie Crowe
General Manager, The Met
401 277-4806

Isabel Ferreira
Dining Account Manager (Meal Plans)
401 454-6642

Hillary Ginsberg
Assistant Catering Manager
401 709-8500

David Gould
Executive Chef, RISD Dining + RISD Caters
401 709-8505

Linda Gustafson
General Manager, Markets and Vending
401 273-1574 x100

Scott Pacheco
Assistant Manager
401 454-6781

Todd Torres
Assistant Manager
401 536-4749

Jennifer Vieira
General Manager, Portfolio Cafe and The Jolly Roger
401 454-6361

Maureen Young
Food Allergies + Special Diets


RISD Dining offers several dining options for the campus community to choose from. The Met is home to a variety of menu stations, and offers expanded outdoor seating and grab-and-go items. Portfolio Café, centrally located at 15 West, features Grubhub online ordering, grab-and-go options and entrees of the day. Also available via Grubhub, The Watermark[et] provides fresh produce, basic grocery items and make-your-own food kits. Also opening in fall 2021 are Carr Haus Cafe, the Jolly Roger and the new Cereal Shop.

Dining: Venue hours

Fall 2021 hours

The Met (effective 9/4)
Mon–Fri: 7 am–8:30 pm*
Hot breakfast: 7 am–10 am
Lunch: 11 am–2 pm
Dinner: 5 pm–8:30 pm
* open between meals for snacks and drinks

Sat–Sun: 8 am–8:30 pm*
Continental breakfast: 8 am–10 am
Brunch: 10 am–2 pm
Dinner: 5 pm–8:30 pm
* open between meals for snacks and drinks

Portfolio Café
Mon–Fri: 7:30 am–9 pm*
Continental breakfast: 7:30 am–10 am
Lunch: 11 am–2 pm
Dinner: 5:30 pm–9 pm
Grubhub available Mon–Fri 11-2 pm.
*open between breakfast and lunch for grab-and-go items; open between lunch and dinner for grab-and-go and grill items
Sat–Sun: closed

Mon–Fri: 11 am–3:30 pm*
open for grab-and-go items, snacks, drinks and other convenience items
* Grubhub orders available for pickup Mon–Wed noon–2 pm and Thurs–Fri 2–4 pm
Sat–Sun: closed

Carr Haus Café
Tues–Thurs: 2–10 pm

Cereal Stop

Fri–Sat: 8:30–11:30 pm

Dining: 2021 early arrival

Students arriving before the start of the fall semester who need access to meals prior to the September 4 meal allotment start date can add on additional meals. See the dining add-on form (login to the student life portal required) to purchase a meal block.

Met early arrival hours (8/21–9/3)
Breakfast: 7-9 am
Brunch (Saturday and Sunday only): 10 am-1 pm
Lunch: 11 am–1 pm
Dinner 5–7pm

Dining: FAQ

Do I need to choose a meal plan if I live on campus?
In support of the residential experience, dining packages are included with campus housing—no need to choose a plan.

All three RISD housing packages include a dining allotment. First-year students and sophomores are provided with meal credits, dining points and unlimited access to the Met. Upperclass apartments receive a base level of meals and dining points.

More information is available at

When does dining start for on-campus students?
The fall 2021 residential dining allotment starts September 4.

What is The Met?
The Met is our unlimited access dining facility conveniently located in the first-year quad.

What is a dining point?
Dining points are equivalent to cash: one point = $1.00

What is a meal equivalency?
When you purchase a meal through one of our Grubhub cafe offerings, you trade one meal swipe for $9.25 worth of credits towards your chosen item(s). If your purchase exceeds $9.25, you can use dining points, risdbucks or a credit card to offset the difference.

Do meals and dining points roll over from semester to semester for on-campus students with dining allotments?
Meals and dining points do not roll over from semester to semester. For 2021/22, dining values will reset on January 21, 2022.

What are the meal plan options for off-campus students?
The commuter dining plan for off-campus students is ideal for graduate students and commuters who want a convenient way to access dining venues and options at a reduced rate. Meals can be used as entry into the Met, RISD’s largest dining facility, or as a meal credit applied to food and beverage purchases at Portfolio or Jolly Roger. Dining points are great for coffee and something sweet from the Carr Haus Cafe, or convenience items in the Watermark[et].

Semester Cost

Meal allotment per semester

Dining Points per semester

Guest meals per semester





How will I be billed for the commuter dining plan?
The commuter dining plan is for the full academic year, billed twice per year.

What is a dining block add-on?
Dining meal blocks provide a convenient way to add additional meals to the available allotment associated with housing, the commuter plan or for students who arrive early or stay on campus beyond the semester end date.

80 Meal Block: $760

50 Meal Block: $478

30 Meal Block: $288

Meals purchased in a block can be used throughout the academic year (July 1–June 30).

Can I purchase a dining block add-on if I don’t have a dining allotment or commuter dining plan?
Only for non-academic timeframes—i.e., early arrival to campus or summer stays. Brown|RISD Dual Degree students on a Brown meal plan can purchase blocks at any time.

Can dining blocks be purchased throughout the academic year?
Yes. Students may go to the Dining Accounts Office at 48 Waterman Street to purchase blocks with a credit card or via the StarRez student portal. A direct charge will be added and processed by Student Accounts.

What is the unlimited access to Met easy pass?
Students with the Apartment Experience housing plan or the commuter dining plan can purchase unlimited access to the Met. Students living in the Essential Experience already have unlimited access to the Met.

I am a first-year Brown|RISD Dual Degree student. Where do I sign up for a dining allotment?
First-year Dual Degree students are assigned a dining allotment based on room assignment.

Can I bring a guest with me to RISD Dining venues?
Meal plans include three guest meals. You must follow on-campus guest policies and protocols when you bring a guest to the Met.

Can I donate a guest meal to a student in need?
Yes, you can donate one guest meal per semester to the Swipe it Forward program, which combats food insecurity on campus. Simply request to donate at any RISD Dining register; the cashier will swipe your ID card and the guest meal can be added to the bank of meals and then provided to a RISD student in need.

What If I have a food allergy?
Please make sure to register this information with Health Services and then set up a time to meet with Maureen Young ( to review your specific diet needs and campus dining options. We encourage you to notify RISD Dining prior to arriving on campus this Fall 2020 using this form.

How do I know about any programming RISD dining has scheduled?
We regularly update our social media: @risddining instagram and facebook. A schedule of events is also posted here.

Where do I find out about dining venue hours?
Updates to hours are available at the top of this page.

How do I check my balance?
A cashier can provide you with your available meal swipes and dining points balance. You can check also check at

Can I use dining points for vending machine purchases?

First-year and sophomore allotments include $50 in risdbucks, which students can use at machines around campus. Go to for more details.

How do I request a refund if I withdraw or take a leave of absence from RISD?
For more information, please go to the Student Financial Services section of

Can I cancel a commuter dining plan?
Commuter contracts are effective for the full academic year and cannot be cancelled after the first two weeks of the fall semester. Refunds are based on the policy managed by Student Accounts.

Dining: Dining plans

Dining Plans 2021/22

Dining for on-campus residents

RISD offers three areas of student housing: first-year, sophomore, and upperclass. All on-campus housing includes a dining allotment. Please see for more information.

Commuter dining plan

This plan is ideal for graduate students and commuters that want convenient access to all of our excellent venues and options at a reduced rate. Meals can be used as entry into the Met, RISD’s largest dining facility, or as a meal credit applied to food and beverage purchases at Portfolio or Jolly Roger. Dining points are great for grab and go items from the Carr Haus Cafe, or for a quick cup of coffee and something sweet from the Watermark[et]. You can also apply dining points to purchases made in our express or virtual co-op market.

Semester Cost Meal allotment per semester Dining Points per semester Guest meals per semester
$1,100 100 150 3

Meals and dining points do not roll over from semester to semester.

Dining blocks

Dining meal blocks are a convenient way to add additional meals to the available allotment associated with housing, or if you are arriving early or staying beyond the semester end date.

80 Meal Block: $760

50 Meal Block: $478

30 Meal Block: $288

Block plans can be used throughout the academic year (July 1–June 30).

Dining notes

  • For full-time students who withdraw or take a leave from RISD after the semester begins, please go to the Student Financial Service's section of for more information.
  • Commuter meal plan contracts are billed twice during the academic year.
  • The fall 2021 residential meal allotment starts on September 5, 2021. Allotments are reset on January 21, 2022
  • Block plans are available for purchase throughout the year.
  • Contracts are effective for the full academic year and cannot be cancelled.
  • Dining guest participants must abide by the same rules of conduct outlined in the Residential Life Handbook. Any violation may result in a non-refundable termination of the plan or other disciplinary action.
  • Brown | RISD Dual Degree students in years 2–5 of the program may purchase meal plans through the Brown portal.
  • Please direct any meal plan questions to Dining Services at or 401 454-6642.

​Dining: ID Cards and the risdbucks programs

Meal plans are not transferable and all students are required to present their ID cards for service. Any violation may result in termination of the plan or other disciplinary action.

risdbucks is an optional prepaid debit account developed to be a convenient and safe way for students to make purchases of products and services both on and off campus (wherever you see the risdbucks logo).

Dining: Emotional support, therapy and service animal policy

As stated by law, only service animals (dogs or miniature horses) are allowed in dining facilities on campus.

Students may not bring support or therapy animals into venues and will be asked to remove the animal if present.

Dining: Services guidelines

  1. All RISD rules, policies and procedures apply within all of the RISD Dining facilities.
  2. Meal plan contracts are billed twice a year. Cancellations are possible only in the first two weeks of school.
  3. Students must present their RISD ID card when making a meal plan purchase. ID cards presented by someone other than the person pictured on the card will be confiscated.
  4. Meal plans and points are non-transferable; students wishing to “treat a guest” must be present and use a guest meal.
  5. Meals and points may not be transferred or donated to any individual or organization unless otherwise stated by Dining Services. One guest meal per semester maybe donated through the Swipe It Forward program.
  6. The removal of any dining hall property from any of the dining halls, including but are not limited to plates, cups, forks and knives, is prohibited from all dining facilities.
  7. Food and beverage removed beyond the cashier stand without payment is considered theft. Students charged with theft will be referred to the Student Conduct office to address the issue.
  8. Only RISD-recognized groups are allowed to distribute written materials or make presentations in the dining areas, with permission from the Director of Dining Services (See posting policy for specific regulations Section III D).
  9. Non-employees are not permitted in kitchen and food preparation areas unless under the supervision of a RISD Dining employee.

Dining: Employment

RISD Dining operates on-campus eateries and a full-service catering company. Flexible scheduling makes RISD Dining an ideal part-time position for students and other busy people. Teamwork, diversity and creativity make RISD Dining a rewarding experience for everyone. Do you possess a strong work ethic and commitment to growth, integrity and thoughtfulness? If so, RISD Dining is looking for you!

Student Employment jobs
RISD Dining is always on the lookout for student help for the various venues on campus. At the beginning of the year, there are usually positions available at every facility on campus. Eligible students should email the managers at these venues and submit their resume or schedule an interview.

Job opportunities are posted on Supervisor contact information is included with each job listing.

Preference will be given to Federal or RISD work study students. Student Employment and the 2021/22 Student Employment handbook can provide additional information about work eligibility.

Dining: Our standards

Kitchen principles
The following principles influence both our standards and our purchasing choices:

RISD Dining is an ingredient-guided, self-operated dining program that strives to give each guest an exceptional experience. We support local food interests and provide mentoring to those who wish to reflect our goals of preserving natural resources, supporting community businesses and endeavoring to maintain stewardship of the Earth and all it provides for future generations.

Culinary standards

    1. Menus are created with seasonally inspired foods that are authentic, simple and delicious.
    2. Foods from local sources (farms, dairies, bakeries, etc.) are given strong consideration.
    3. We are committed to the use of sustainable and locally sourced/produced products.
    4. We work to follow NOAA Fish Watch guidelines for choosing sustainably harvested seafood or appropriate alternatives.
    5. House-made foods will be served regularly at all venues.
    6. When possible we avoid high-fructose corn syrup, trans fat and MSG in purchased products, and completely avoid them during in-house preparation.
    7. We are committed to using culturally diverse styles for preparing meals.
    8. We serve naturally raised and 100% Angus all-beef burgers.
    9. We will continue the process of eliminating meats treated with growth hormones and antibiotics. We serve natural and antibiotic-free chicken.
    10. We are committed to high quality, flavorful vegan and vegetarian options.
    11. Allergens such as gluten, lactose, soy and fish are identified by signage in our dining units.
    12. The use or sale of nuts or nut products is prohibited in The Met and Portfolio Café.
    13. We will prepare all foods as close to the point of consumption as operationally possible, with a preference for just-in-time cooking.
    14. When possible, desserts are prepared in house from scratch.
    15. Preference is given to serving complex carbohydrates, as suits the menu choices.

You are what you eat...


  • Naturally raised (ground) beef: no antibiotics, no growth hormone, sustainably raised
  • All natural chicken: no antibiotics, cage free, vegetarian diet
  • Roast and deli turkey: cooperatively raised with exceptional sustainable practices for plant production by Michigan Turkey
  • Canned beans: natural and low sodium, produced by Furmano’s (all varieties)
  • All natural canned tomatoes: minimally processed by Stanislaus
  • Vegan pasta and many filled pastas; Carla’s (Connecticut) and Joseph’s (Massachusetts)
  • Organic tofu: house brand tofu
  • New sugar for vegan desserts: naturally filtered
  • Fryer oil: expeller pressed canola—no trans fats; RISD Dining uses soy oil for cooking.

Local products

  • Blossom Trail Orchards, Smithfield, RI: fresh sliced apples for desserts
  • Jaswell Farms, Smithfield, RI: fresh apple cider, honey, apples, seasonal vegetables
  • Barden Orchards, Smithfield, RI: local fruit and seasonal vegetables
  • Hill Orchard, Smithfield, RI: local fruit and seasonal vegetables
  • Schartner Farm, Exeter, RI
  • Our Kids Farm, Exeter, RI
  • Four Town Farm, Seekonk, MA

Beverage program

  • Sun Roasters Coffee (Connecticut). All coffee is fair trade and supports the Rainforest Alliance (higher equitability than fair trade).
  • Maine Root Soda: local production/some naturally sweetened (cane sugar) sodas/naturally flavored waters
  • Rhody Fresh: local milk co-op (no BGH)
  • Silk: organic and sustainable soy milk

Other locally manufactured products:

  • Old Neighborhood deli meats, Massachusetts
  • Iggy’s Bread, Massachusetts
  • Calise Bakery, Lincoln, RI: local baker of breads and rolls
  • LaSalle Bakery, RI

Dining: Special diets

Passionate about serving students and with safety as a top priority, RISD provides reasonable accommodations for students with food allergies and for students following special diets for medical reasons or religious observance. All on-campus housing rates include a dining allotment, which can be used to obtain special meals.

While RISD Dining has limited dedicated allergen- or gluten-free preparation areas, at The Met we are able to accommodate a wide variety of special diets. The Met is best positioned with product availability, special equipment and the space needed to separately prepare meals for students with food allergies and special diets.

RISD Dining strives to meet all of our guests’ needs by working one-on-one with students and custom preparing and serving students directly. Self-serve food stations run the risk of cross contact. For strict allergen concerns while at The Met, please ask for a culinary production supervisor (wearing the gray chef coats). They are trained to handle special diets and can assist you with ingredient information, serve you directly and custom prepare a meal that meets your special diet needs.

A team approach led by you, our informed consumer, is the best preparation for a safe school year. Meeting one-on-one with students who have individual dining needs helps us ensure that your dining experience is safe, delicious and social.

The Met and Portfolio Café are peanut- and tree nut-free and both offer vegan and vegetarian options daily.

We invite you to work directly with RISD Dining to develop a plan. Please let us know about your food allergy/special diet concern or if you require a special diet in accordance with religious practices (i.e. Kosher or Halal):

  • Contact Maureen Young at or by calling 401 709-8508 to set up a meeting with Maureen and Executive Chef David to discuss the specifics of your diet.
  • Ordering options offered include:
    • Online ordering form to submit orders for pickup at The Met. This option works well for students following a gluten-free diet or for multiple allergens and/or diet restrictions. The form will be provided directly to students who have reached out to Maureen.
    • Order on-demand when you arrive at The Met by speaking with a culinary production supervisor.
  • Custom meals are prepared per the student's diet specifications

We make every effort to identify nutrition data and allergen information. However, there are elements beyond our control. Manufacturers may change their product formulation without our knowledge and product availability may fluctuate. RISD Dining inputs ingredient and allergen statements from manufacturers' labels into our menu management system; this includes advisory statements such as “may contain…”, “processed in facility that also processes…”, “made on equipment with…”, etc.; that many manufacturers now list on their product labels. We recommend students with severe allergies carry their epi-pen with them at all times.

Students requiring special diets for medical reasons are encouraged to request medical accommodations. Students with approved medical accommodation for special diets have early access to room selection and may choose to live closer to The Met for convenience.

Student housing rates, with included dining allotment, are detailed at

Dining: Ingredients and allergens

Menu signs identifying the top eight allergens and the proteins for each menu item are posted at each station in all RISD Dining venues. Signs also note if an item is vegetarian, vegan and/or gluten-free. Item descriptions identifying top eight allergens and whether an item is vegetarian, vegan and/or gluten-free are also included on our Grubhub app menus. Managers and supervisors can answer ingredient questions and assist you while you are in Dining venues.

The Met and Portfolio Café are peanut- and tree nut-free. The Jolly Roger Deli does serve products with peanuts and tree nuts.

Met menu allergens
Portfolio menu allergens
Jolly Roger menu allergens

If you need more information or would like to discuss your special diet concerns, please contact Maureen Young at

Dining: Special events

Check out RISD Dining on social media for updates on planned and popup events:

Instagram: risddining
Facebook: @RISDDining

Dining: Swipe It Forward

Swipe It Forward is a temporary assistance program that provides meals to students in need. Food insecurity is not uncommon across US college campuses, including at RISD. Students in need of meals can contact one of these campus partners:

Dining: RISD Student Food Pantry

RISD Student Food Pantry, the campus food pantry that is 100% supported by donations from the RISD community, aims to serve students experiencing food insecurity. With self-service, there is no need to make an appointment, simply stop by and take what you need.

Staff + Faculty Donations

Items can be donated directly at the RISD Student Food Pantry. Bring your donations and place your items on the labeled shelves to the left of the entrance. Items in greatest need are:

Canned Meats + Fish
Canned Vegetables
Canned Fruits
Boxed Meals
Snack Bars
Peanut Butter
Pasta + Noodles
Rice + Grains
Cooking Oils
Nuts + Seeds
Breakfast Cereals
Powdered Milk
Dried Spices
Pet Food

Student Donations

Students on meal plan may donate Points at any RISD Dining venue and RISD Dining will stock the shelves on the right side of the pantry with staple items that are in greatest need each week with items such as Peanut Butter, Tuna Fish, Soups, Rice, and Canned Vegetables + Beans. Simply let the cashier know you would like to donate Points to the RISD Student Food Pantry; you may choose to donate 1, 3 or 5 points per donation up to four donations per year.


RISD Student Food Pantry is located on the 3rd floor of 20 Washington Place, inside the break room. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor, turn left out of the elevator and take your first left and then right into the break room.


RISD Student Food Pantry is currently open 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM