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Co-Works Research Lab

Fall 2020 information

On-site access to Co-Works is limited to RISD courses officially located at the lab.

Resuming mid September, peer tutors are available via Zoom to assist with software, coding, digital and analog making, and more. We encourage you to make a one-hour online appointment or to email Lab Manager Brynn Trusewicz at for additional assistance.

Co-Works is RISD's first lab dedicated to interdisciplinary making inquiry. Started in 2014, we develop experimental curricula and research initiatives as an incubator for RISD Research and the Provost’s Office.

Please note that Co-Works is not a service provider or all-campus shop. As our first responsibility is to our official courses and programs, open-access hours and non-credit training are contingent on remaining capacity.

Please see for more information.

Hours vary by semester:
  • See website for current information
  • Reduced crit week hours
  • Closed holidays and breaks