Research & Strategic Partnerships

RISD Research sustains the school’s culture of inquiry by offering a platform for research initiatives, providing opportunities for programming, training, and publication, and encouraging collaboration among students and faculty.

RISD recognizes that discovery and experimentation are critical for meaningful work in the arts and for realizing the significance of art and design in the world. The institution's focus on fine, design, and liberal arts, the excellence of its faculty and student body, and its compact size all facilitate diverse types of research and partnership that contribute new insight and advance practice through exploration of materials, techniques, contexts and ideas.

RISD Research and Strategic Partnerships are departments within the Office of the Vice Provost for Strategic Partnerships, which supports faculty and students in expanding their practices through external grants and partnership.


Soul Brown
Director, Research
401 454-6283

Katherine Cooper
Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships

Sarah Cunningham
Vice Provost for Strategic Partnerships
401 454-6298

Miguel Lastra
Project Manager, Hyundai Research Collaborative

Nicholas Lazarakis
Administrative Assistant
401 709-8656

Danielle Lilly
Administrative Assistant, Vice Provost for Research and Strategic Partnerships

Proposal approval form

Completing the proposal approval form is the first step to pursuing external sponsorship. It allows our office to obtain appropriate internal approval prior to preparing and submitting an application.

First provide this form to your department heads and deans for review and signature, and then forward the signed form to Soul Brown at, who will review proposal details, sign and forward it to senior leadership for review and approval. This form is referred to throughout the proposal development process and application submission.