Student Financial Services

RISD’s Student Financial Services Office (SFS), which oversees Financial Aid, Student Accounts and Student Employment, is committed to working with students and parents to reach the shared goal of preparing and educating creative individuals who aspire to make a meaningful contribution to our world.

Our dedicated staff works to help students and their families seek, obtain and make the best use of all resources available to help finance the costs of attending RISD.

By providing student aid through grants, loans, work study programs and scholarships, RISD helps make it possible for qualified students with limited personal financial resources to attend and benefit from the extraordinary education offered here.

To see us during our extended Zoom appointment hours (Wed–Thurs, 4:30–7 pm), please schedule your appointment with QLess.


Melissa Donahue
Associate Director, Student Financial Services
401 454-6251

Anthony Gallonio
Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Services
401 454-6636

Nelly Hoffens-Vargas
Financial Aid/Student Employment Counselor
401 454-6634

Kevin Lynch
Director of Student Employment

Dan Rossi
Interim Director, Financial Aid

H. Maria Stadanlick
Director, Student Accounts
401 709-8583

Stephanie Streletz
Director, Financial Aid

Bonnie Wojcik
Assistant Director, Financial Aid
401 454-6635

Amanda Woodard
Director, Student Accounts