Strategic Planning

NEXT, RISD’s seven-year strategic plan, builds on our progressive roots and willingness to experiment, iterate and embrace change. Please visit for details of the plan.



In the fall of 2016, RISD began the official strategic planning process at campus-wide sessions held during Development Days in November. Faculty and staff attendees worked in small, cross-institutional groups to respond to prompts from President Somerson about advancements we should consider now and in the future.

A Strategic Planning Core Committee composed of faculty and staff then began work in spring 2017 to identify and sort the emergent themes from Development Days that would form the framework of the strategic plan. The provost convened 21 working groups comprised of 86 faculty and 60 staff members to respond to these emergent themes and charged them with making recommendations.


During the spring, the provost distilled and organized the recommendations of the working groups into a draft Academic Plan, which was shared with the academic community. Throughout the spring, the Provost’s Office convened a series of listening tours to encourage faculty and staff feedback on the proposed plan.

Over the summer of 2018, the Cabinet and Deans Council identified institutional priorities and aligned them with the priorities included in the Academic Plan. Together, they created the first draft called Strategic Directions. Using this document as a prompt, RISD leadership met with close to 500 faculty, staff and students over the fall semester to receive feedback, which they used to revise the draft Strategic Directions into RISD’s Strategic Plan 2020–2027, released to the community in February.

Core Committee

titles as of December 2019

Patricia Barbeito, Dean of Faculty
Daniel Cavicchi, Vice Provost
David Frazer, Professor, Painting
Sarah Ganz Blythe, Deputy Director, Exhibitions, Education & Programs, RISD Museum
Shawn Greenlee, Associate Professor, EFS
Carl Lostritto, Assistant Professor, Architecture
Andy Martinez, Archivist
Margot Nishimura, Dean of Libraries
Jorge Paricio, Senior Critic, Industrial Design
David Proulx, Senior Vice President of Finance & Administration
Lisi Raskin, Department Head, Sculpture
Matthew Shenoda, Associate Provost of Social Equity & Inclusion
Emily Vogler, Assistant Professor and Department Head, Landscape Architecture

Working Groups

Academic Advising
Community Engagement
CE, EE, Museum
Color Lab
Complexity Lab
Co-Works Lab
Center for Teaching + Learning
Faculty Types
General Education
Global Humanities Lab
Learning Outcomes
Nature Lab
Publishing Lab
Residential Life
Student Health + Wellness
Textile Lab
Workflow + Process