The mission of the risd:store and risd:store 3D is to enable creativity by supporting the creative pursuits of our students and customers through a unique, inspiring and informative shopping experience.

Also home to the RISD WORKS retail collection, we are your local art supply store, known for providing a wide variety of high-quality student and professional art and design products at great value while exceeding our customers' service expectations.

Our stores are owned and operated by RISD and all proceeds from risd:store and risd:store 3D sales are returned to the college for use in furthering its mission.

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Tila Adams
Director, RISD Retail
401 277-4909

Robin Dessler
Assistant Director, Studio Supplies
401 454-6461

Charles Flora
Assistant Director, RISDWorks, Apparel + Gifts
401 277-4949

Michael Bilodeau
Buyer, Art Supply
401 454-6463

Charmaine Rodriguez
Marketing Associate
401 709-8685

Melanie Silva
Accounting & General Administrative Clerk
401 454-6454

Michelle Cummings
Sales Clerk
401 454-6465

Tori Torres
Sales Clerk

Joseph Vena
Stock/Receiving Clerk
401 454-6452


Now located within the risd:store, the RISD WORKS retail collection features a rotating selection of work by RISD alumni and faculty. Established in 2001 to celebrate RISD's leadership in art, design and education, RISD WORKS includes both fine art originals and mass-produced objects that all exemplify the creativity of our community.

Book Department

Textbooks, Tradebooks & Magazines Contact Person: Tila Adams,

The Process for ordering textbooks is:

  1. Log in to WebAdvisor
  2. Under "Faculty Menu," go to "Faculty Information," "Maintain Books."
  3. Select Term and Submit.
  4. Select Section and Submit.
  5. Add your titles according to the directions (by selecting "Add New Books" -- which puts the book in a permanent database, so next time you can simply "Search and Add books") OR check the box for "No book purchases required/recommended for this class." You can also add notes about each title.

Revising book selections: Once you have submitted your book information, it is hardwired into the faculty view of the "Maintain Books" page; but the administrative assistant in your department can make corrections in Colleague, where the information is stored. Please contact Registrar Alison Sherman ( or Margaret Lewis ( if you have any trouble.

What you can expect from the risd store:

  • Reminders for textbook request deadlines will go out to you via risd e-mail from risd retail.
  • Deadline dates are found on the academic calendars, risd store’s website, as well as the social media sites: Facebook & Instagram.
  • The first textbook reminder will go out one week prior to the deadline.
  • The second reminder will go out the day before the deadline.
  • Within three business days of your submitting your textbook needs on Web Advisor, you should receive an e-mail confirming that the risd store has your order.
  • If the store encounters a delay or problems acquiring your textbook(s) from the publisher, you will receive notification no later than three weeks after the scheduled deadline date. You will be contacted immediately if any other unforeseen delays are discovered.
  • When your textbooks arrive and are ready for purchase, you will receive a final confirmation via e-mail.
  • Provided that textbook request are received by deadline and the requested titles are available by publisher, you should expect that your textbooks would be available for purchase no later than one week before first day of class.
  • If a student comes in to purchase a book for a class that was ordered by deadline and it is unavailable we will pay for over night shipping to get it to your student asap.

How you can help us become a more efficient and effective provider of your textbook requests:

  • Our established guidelines are a critical part of providing this service effectively. Please submit your textbook request by deadline via Web Advisor (be sure and choose the risd store orders option on Web Advisor).
  • Please submit all the following information on each title: title, author, publisher, edition (if applicable), course number, course name and complete 13-digit ISBN number (which begins with 978 and is found below the barcode on the back of the book). Providing us with complete information reduces the potential for error and expedites the ordering process.

Many have questioned why they need to submit their book requirements on Web Advisor. This change is a direct result of the passing of section 133 of the Higher Education Act, commonly referred to as the “textbook provision,” which requires RISD to list the cost of textbooks.

Our Colleague system offers the capability to capture and display the information required for compliance via Web Advisor. We have been working with OIT to ensure that the information you enter is provided to the risd store. Currently, we are reviewing and evaluating our system for managing textbooks to ensure that we provide prompt, accurate and consistent service.

We are confident that these adjustments will ensure that you have a positive experience. Please contact me directly if you do not receive correspondence from us as described above or if you have any problems or concerns with the service you receive ( or 401 277-4909).

RISD Store Accounts

Contact Tila Adams ( If you are a RISD student and would like to open a risd:store debit account, please visit the risd:store office Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm. An itemized statement is mailed out monthly to your RISD box or home to a parent. Once the account has been established, anyone can add money to your account online. Just visit and click on Debit Accounts .