President’s Office

The President’s Office encompasses trustee relations, community relations, and the president’s house. Office staff collectively work to advance the efforts of the president and the college for key stakeholders through strategic communications, purposeful relationship building and continued engagement.


Deborah Bowen
Administrative Assistant
401 454-6764

Claudeline Chery
Assistant Director, Community Development

Bethany Costello
Executive Director, Center for Community Partnerships
401 709-8520

Becky Ebeling
Special Assistant to the President
401 454-6443

Bethany Jankunis
Vice President of Strategy and Planning and Senior Advisor to the President

Meladine Moreira
Administrative Coordinator

Crystal Williams


Amicus Briefs
The following are several “amicus” briefs and comments on proposed regulatory actions in which RISD has participated, along with a set of guidelines on institutional and individual involvement in political campaign-related activities.