President's Office

The Office of the President encompasses trustee relations, community relations, and the president’s house. The staff of the Office of the President collectively works to advance the efforts of the President and the College for key stakeholders through strategic communications, purposeful relationship building, and continued engagement.


Marisa Bartolucci
Assistant to the President, Special Projects
401 709-8458

Siobhan Boehm
Trustee and Community Relations Coordinator
401 454-6264

Patricia Brown
House Manager, President's House
401 454-6343

Bethany Costello
Director, Community Relations
401 709-8520

Claire Gilbert
Trustee Relations Liaison
401 454-6443

Cheryl Reid Heroux
Executive Assistant
401 454-6402

Laura Myer
Events & Special Projects Manager
401 454-6743

Taylor Scott
Chief of Staff and Communications
401 709-8671

Rosanne Somerson
401 454-6563