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Media Group

Summer 2020 information

The Media Group staff is currently working remotely between the hours of 8:30 am–4:30pm. For assistance please contact Jill Feingold at jfeingol@risd.edu.

The Media Group creates and shares a wide range of stories, news and information about RISD and its community, underscoring RISD’s role as a global leader in art and design education and helping to foster a better understanding of the value of art and design in our lives. Through a variety of communications vehicles and platforms, the team focuses on communicating with audiences including prospective students, donors, the RISD community (both on-campus and off) and the general public.

The Media Group plays a central role in devising and executing integrated print and digital marketing and communications strategies in collaboration with partners across campus. This work includes student recruitment in partnership with Admissions, fundraising in concert with Institutional Engagement and support of annual departmental events such as Collection, the Graduate Thesis Exhibition and Commencement.

For requests for marketing and communications advice and assistance, please contact Chief Marketing & Communications Officer Kerci Marcello Stroud. If you receive a request from a reporter or other outside media representative, please contact Senior Director, Public Relations Jaime Marland.


Robert Albanese
Senior Writer/Digital Content Editor
401 454-8506

Brian Clark
Senior Director, Digital Experience
401 427-6920

Jay Davani
Production Coordinator
401 277-4899

Jill Feingold
Administrative Assistant
401 454-6108

Jordan Gushwa
Design Lead
401 709-8522

Lauren Maas
Creative Strategist
401 709-8638

Danielle Mancuso
Senior Public Relations Specialist
401 454-6334

Jaime Marland
Senior Director, Public Relations
401 427-6954

Mrityunjay Marol
Graphic Designer
401 454-6558

Carrie Miller
Digital Experience Producer
401 454-6346

Liisa Silander
Editorial Director
401 454-6349

Simone Solondz
Senior News Writer/Copy Editor
401 709-8528

Kerci Marcello Stroud
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
401 454-6380

Huy Vu
Creative Director
401 454-6232

Primary Communication Vehicles

Primary Communication Vehicles - Vision and Content Creation Driven by Media Group:

  • risd.edu, RISD’s primary website, which is targeted towards prospective students and parents, along with a broad, global public
  • RISD’s college-wide presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat (add 'RISD1877' on Snapchat for a look at RISD life in and out of the studio)
  • RISD XYZ and XYZmail, the alumni magazine and digital monthly newsletter
  • info.risd.edu, a site for the campus community that provides basic, helpful information about all campus offices, resources, services and groups
  • events.risd.edu, RISD’s central events calendar accessible to the entire campus community and displayed as part of the risd.edu site

Suggesting Content

Suggest Content for these Vehicles as Follows:

  • recommend newsworthy information and stories (photos welcomed!) by contacting Editorial Director Liisa Silander directly or by emailing risdxyz@risd.edu and Senior Director of Public Relations Jaime Marland, who handles outreach to media outlets
  • submit content updates for risd.edu, info.risd.edu and graduatestudy.risd.edu by emailing support@risdwebsite.zendesk.com
  • submit high-quality images of student work produced in your department (for use on risd.edu and in print publications) to media@risd.edu.
  • post upcoming events at events.risd.edu via the “Submit Your Event” button (open to anyone with a RISD email address and login credentials)
  • request guidance for starting or maintaining a RISD-related social media account by contacting Jaime Marland

Promoting News and Events

Promote News and Events through Vehicles Run by Other Departments Including:

  • arrange live video streaming of your event via Livestream by contacting David Chandler in Media Resources; let Jaime Marland know once arranged for social media promotion
  • reach students through Word Out, the monthly CSI newsletter, by emailing csi@risd.edu
  • reach various alumni groups through email and/or social media by contacting Claire Robinson in Alumni Relations