Mail and Receiving Services

Mail and Receiving Services processes incoming and outgoing mail at RISD’s mail center, which is located at 20 Washington Place. We also receive freight deliveries at the off-campus warehouse on Kinsley Avenue in Providence. The mailroom team does not handle or process any personal mail.

Mail and packages shipped to campus may take up to 72 business hours from the time it arrives in the mailroom to when it is delivered to the receiving department. The amount of time varies depending on mailroom volume and the time of delivery by the mail service provider.

Please note that the volume of mail and packages is very large at the start of each academic year. Please be patient as we process as quickly as possible. Students will receive an email once their packages are processed—please do not come to the mailroom before receiving notice from us.

Department deliveries of flat mail and small packages are made on Thursday and Friday of each week. If you need something before standard delivery days you are welcome to pick it up in the mailroom. Hand trucks are available to you if needed.

Mail and Receiving Services personnel cannot transport office furniture or materials between departments. Please submit requests for these services to Facilities. is responsible for the daily delivery of interoffice, USPS and UPS mail, and for the preparation of outgoing mail. We are also available to help members of the RISD community prepare outgoing mail, though no personal packages shall be handled by Mail Services personnel. Our personnel cannot transport office furniture or materials between departments. For help with this type of service, please submit requests to RISD Facilities.

For general mail inquiries please email us at We encourage you to submit your department’s location, hours and contact information to ensure we have the most accurate, up-to-date information.


Sandra Amaral
Mailroom Clerk

Thomas Bolvin
Receiving/Mailroom Clerk

David Daglieri
Mail and Receiving Services Manager

Zachary Jorgenson
Receiving/Mailroom Clerk

Alison Minutoli
Receiving/Mailroom Clerk

Hours of Operation

Counter Hours
10 am – 6 pm

Smart Lockers
6 am – 2 am

Mailing instructions for FIRST-YEAR students

First-year students will be assigned a box number by August 4th. The notifications are via email, so be sure to monitor your new RISD email address for that information.

We have a partnership with a local UPS Store to assist with first-year students that are shipping packages to RISD in advance of move-in day. Consult this instruction form and use the following linked UPS mailing label. Packages may be shipped to this address up until August 23rd.

On move in day, the packages sent to the UPS STORE will be available for students to pick up in the RISD first-year residential area. You will not need to go off campus to retrieve them.

After August 23rd, begin shipping packages to the school mailroom at the address below. All packages should be shipped to the following address and MUST include the student’s assigned box number. Again, that number will be e-mailed to students by August 4th via your new RISD email address.

[Student Name]
Rhode Island School of Design
20 Washington Place
Box # ______
Providence, RI 02903

Mailing items to RISD

All items shipped to students should be addressed as follows:

[Student Name]
Rhode Island School of Design
20 Washington Place
Box # ______
Providence, RI 02903

All items shipped to faculty and staff should be addressed as follows:

[Faculty/staff name]
Rhode Island School of Design [department name]
20 Washington Place
Providence, RI 02903

Please note:

  1. RISD accepts deliveries from the following carriers: USPS, UPS, FedEx, Amazon and DHL. (Please do not ship any items via freight containers.)
  2. Campus mail is best reserved for shipping clothing, books and other non-fragile items.
  3. Do not ship perishable items by mail. The mailroom will not accept grocery items.
  4. The mailroom will not accept items that are not securely packaged (e.g., in grocery bags).
  5. Packages should be no larger than 24 x 24 x 24" and weigh no more than 70 lbs.
  6. Use new boxes only. Damaged boxes can impede the delivery process.
  7. Make sure labels are legible, easy to find and securely affixed to the package.
  8. To minimize cost and potential damage, we recommend that incoming students bring electronics, stereos and similar items with them to campus rather than shipping by mail.
  9. Similarly, students are advised to purchase televisions and larger appliances locally for safer and more cost-effective shipping.
  10. Keep a copy of any tracking information you receive related to your shipment.

Graduate student mailboxes

Mailboxes will be automatically assigned only for grad students living on campus. Grad students who live off campus can request an assigned mailbox by emailing

Outgoing mail

All outgoing mail should be ready for pickup during the time of daily mail delivery and should be separated in the following manner:

  • Outgoing mail requiring postage should be grouped together with department account number.
  • Certified Mail must be sealed and the proper USPS forms attached.
  • Interoffice mail should be separated.
  • Express and all expedited mail should be identified and affixed with an identifier.

Mail and Receiving Services uses the following approved carriers:

  1. USPS and all USPS-provided services: RISD client metered is applied on site in Mail Services department.
  2. UPS: Ensure shipping labels have account number 102551 for RISD client rate.
  3. FedEx: Express and Ground services available. Use account number 102146980

When sending items internationally, please contact Mail and Receiving Services to make arrangements. If your outgoing parcel requires special arrangements (e.g. insurance or signature on delivery), please attach instructions.

It is the sender’s responsibility to ensure items are appropriately packaged. Please do not overfill containers. Do not utilize a recycle box for packaging purposes.

Graduating student mail forwarding

USPS mail forwarding is available to graduating students through Mail and Receiving Services. This service is only available for first-class mail forwarded to a US address. Please complete the RISD graduate mail forwarding form to use this service.

Freight deliveries (departments only)

Warehouse receiving hours
Tuesday–Friday, 9 am–3 pm or by appointment
Any freight delivery outside normal receiving hours and without a prescheduled appointment will be returned to sender. All costs associated with the return are the responsibility of the purchasing department.

For freight deliveries (deliveries made by tractor trailers and specialty delivery services) of more than 150 pounds or that require special equipment for unloading, it is the ordering office’s responsibility to inform Procurement Services if a PO is needed. The receiving address for freight deliveries is 350 Kinsley Avenue, Providence, RI 02903.

If you are ordering using a PO or RISD purchasing card, please note Mail and Receiving Services’ phone number, 401 454–6319, and email,

In most cases involving palletized or oversized items, the purchasing department will be contacted upon delivery. The department will then submit a work request to ensure the necessary equipment and personnel needed to transport the shipment to campus are scheduled. The work request must include the desired delivery date, time (estimated) and location (building and room number).

RISD interoffice mail

Department interoffice, flat mail and small packages are delivered on Thursdays and Fridays from 10 am–2 pm, excluding university holidays and in the event of severe weather conditions. Emergency deliveries will be handled on an as-needed basis. Packages will be delivered after the initial mail run is completed. Signatures are required for packages. Department representatives may come to the mailroom to pick up mail at any time.

For each delivery of mail to an office or mail drop-off location, interoffice and outgoing mail is picked up for postage metering and distribution.