Intercultural Student Engagement (ISE)

The Office of Intercultural Student Engagement (ISE) promotes cultural awareness, dialogue, and interaction while serving as a hands-on resource for specific RISD communities. Primary target communities include: students of color; international students; students identifying within the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, polyamorous (LGBTQIAP) spectrum; religious and/or spiritual students; and those dedicated to inclusive community.

The office provides leadership in the areas of student success, retention programs, campus education, and immigration compliance. The office works closely with RISD’s faculty, staff, and administrators. As a resource, it advises students on social, cultural, and personal matters, financial aid issues, and academic procedures. It assists in student and leadership development through supporting and advising student cultural groups.

We believe in the power of art and design to unleash our inherent curiosity, constantly broadening and re-shaping our understanding of the human experience. We envision an artistic community where the breadth of the human dignity is creatively realized, inspiring everyone to collectively and proactively develop their sense of individual potential and global mindfulness.