Industrial Design

Drawing on its historic contributions to responsible and human-centered design, Industrial Design (or ID) teaches students to use critical thinking and the design process to bring new value to companies, communities and citizens. Professors with expertise in a wide range of areas guide students in researching user experiences to create well-conceived and executed objects, products and systems that make everyday tasks easier.


Maureen Buttenheim
Senior Department Administrative Coordinator
401 454-6160

Paolo Cardini
Graduate Program Director
401 709-8588

William Cline
Computer Laboratory Technician
401 277-4862

Mark Johnston
Technical Assistant III
401 454-6803

Elena Quinonez
Department Assistant
401 709-8547

William Reeves
Technical Assistant III
401 454-6197

Michael Scimeca
Technical Assistant III
401 454-6185

Peter Yeadon
Department Head
401 277-4963