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Contract Management

Contract Management, a department within Procurement Services, oversees the review and execution of all contracts, including independent contractor agreements, and other financial documents requiring a signature by a college official.

The first step is to complete the Contract Approval Form and email it to Please allow up to two weeks for completion, depending on the complexity and risk associated with the contract submitted.

Procurement Services will engage IT, Risk Management, Budget, Legal, HR and other relevant departments as part of the review process for appropriate approvals. When ready, contracts will be signed by the Controller and returned via email.

Note: Per RISD's by-laws, the only people at RISD who can sign/execute legal agreements on behalf of RISD are the President and the Controller. RISD is not obligated to honor business-related documents signed by any other employee.

Contract Management Process and Forms

Contracts at RISD must be submitted for review by Procurement Services prior to execution by the Controller or the President. Procurement Services will review terms and conditions, insurance requirements, the scope of work or product, the suggested vendor and pricing. As necessary, other departments with specific potential concerns will also be engaged, including General Counsel, Human Resources, Information Technology, Budgets, Risk Management and others.

The role of the business owner submitting a contract or other document for review is to ensure that all of the business terms, statements of work, product or service descriptions, delivery rates, prices and other important information are all accurately depicted and meet the needs of the end-user. This is particularly important as the business owner will manage contracts directly after they have been executed. Understanding the underlying contract is crucial to effectively managing college vendors and service providers. When possible, performance metrics should be established and reviewed on a routine basis to maintain a healthy program.

To begin the process of contract review and approval, please submit the Contract Approval Form to