Continuing Education (CE)

The mission of the Continuing Education (CE) Division is to educate students of all ages in art and design with high-quality accessible programs.

CE offers evening and weekend courses, workshops, lectures and summer programs throughout the year. During the fall and spring terms we offer 12-week courses, while summer and winter sessions offer intensive six-week courses. In addition, CE offers a six-week Pre-College Program for high school artists and designers. The program is focused on allowing students to experience the core elements of a RISD education.


Carlen Adler
Associate Director, Expanded Education
401 277-4978

Marina Bezrukova
Program Operations Specialist
401 454-6285

Tiffany Bowman
Systems Analyst
401 454-6499

Kameko Branchaud
Associate Director, Youth Programs
401 454-6525

Kristina Byrne
Associate Director, Student Experience
401 454-6473

Andrea Rathje Claudio
Assistant Director, Marketing and Publications
401 709-8424

Idalina De Pina Bala
Director, Operations
401 427-3154

Mariah Doren
Director, CE Academic Programs
401 454-6126

Jessica Egan
Interim Director, Marketing and Communications
401 210-5437

Emily Foeri
Enrollment Specialist
401 454-6203

Noah Frase
Application & Enrollment Specialist
401 454-6208

Grace George
Enrollment Specialist
401 427-3038

Andrew Jacques
Associate Director, Strategic Initiatives

Josh Jordan
Program Manager, Digital and Design
401 427-3118

Kathleen Kelly
Associate Director, Academic Advising
401 454-6206

Sean Kennedy
Director of Expanded Education
401 427-3119

Isabella Maclea
Social Media and Digital Marketing Coordinator

Sean McCarthy
Program Manager, Youth Programming

John Murphy
Interim Executive Director, Continuing Education and Expanded Education Operations
401 277-4934

Ashley Nikolyszyn
Associate Director, Adult Extension
401 454-6691

Megan Podsiad
Instructional Designer
401 427-3036

Nicole Smith
Talent Acquisition & Business Operations Analyst
401 277-4922

Chantelle Tangui
Manager, Program and Content Development, Expanded Education
401 277-4990

Jeryln Vidal
Director, Business Affairs and Budget
401 427-6918

Tracy Voccio
Student Account Manager
401 454-6210