Card Services / risdbucks

Your RISD ID Card

The RISD ID card is much more than a simple ID. In identifying you as a member of the RISD community, it is an invaluable key to life on campus. Students are encouraged to carry their RISD ID card at all times and be able to show it upon request.

Access to Campus Buildings and Facilities
RISD maintains an access control system for all academic and residential buildings, meaning students, faculty and staff need to wave a valid RISD ID card in close proximity to card readers in order to open locked doors. Proximity readers can detect when a reader-controlled door is forced or held open. If a door is forced open, or held open for too long, it will immediately sound an audible alarm locally and alert Public Safety. Access is based on several factors including:

  • authorization
  • area
  • time of day
  • day of week

Building access follows posted building hours and entrance to specific spaces, rooms and labs is based on pre-approved authorization. Card Services manages the assignment of access privileges for card-accessible areas. In general the entire RISD community shall have access to all "community" areas. Authorized staff may download and submit the access request form below if access to other specific areas (e.g., labs, workshops, elevators, etc.) is necessary. A completed form must be sent to Card Services for processing. Please allow 48 hours to facilitate each request.

Common ID Card Uses

Card Replacement Fees

  • $10 for a first lost card
  • $20 for losing your card a second time
  • $30 for losing your card a third time and each time thereafter...
  • $5 to replace a damaged card
  • $2 for a plastic card holder

risdbucks: The Program

risdbucks is an optional prepaid debit account developed to be a convenient and safe way for students to make purchases of products and services both on and off campus (wherever you see the risdbucks logo). The account functions much like any other bank debit card, with two major differences:

  1. funds deposited in the account may only be used on campus or at participating merchants
  2. cash withdrawals are prohibited

risdbucks don’t expire, meaning you can roll over funds into the next semester and academic year. The account allows you to view transaction history, report a lost (or found) card and view real-time account, meal plan and bonus dining points balances.

Lost Card
Reporting your card lost will immediately lock down the funds associated with your account and prevent someone from using your card to access campus buildings. You are strongly encouraged to report a lost or stolen card by logging into to and then clicking the "I Lost My Card" Quick Link to alert Card Services as soon as possible to.

Terms and conditions
risdbucks do not have a minimum balance requirement, balancess will remain on a student’s account until graduation. After graduation balances over $25 will be refunded automatically. Refunds will be sent to the billing address on file. risdbucks balances below $25 are nonrefundable. Students who leave RISD for other reasons may request a refund of risdbucks through the Card Services Office (located at 48 Waterman Street). risdbucks accounts that are inactive for 18 months and show balances of $25 or more will be refunded automatically. Refunds will be sent to the billing address on file. risdbucks accounts that are inactive for 18 months but show balances under $25 are nonrefundable. risdbucks accounts do not allow for cash withdrawals and funds remaining are nontransferrable.

risdbucks: How to Deposit Funds

Depositing funds to a risdbucks account is easy and can be done in several quick ways:

risdbucks: Participating Retailers

  • Café La France, 121 South Main Street, Providence
  • Card Services, 48 Waterman Avenue, Providence
  • Carr Haus, 210 Benefit Street, Providence
  • Center for Student Involvement, 2 College Street, Providence
  • Concept Link, 30 North Main Street, Providence
  • CVS Pharmacy, 70 Kennedy Plaza, Providence
  • Experimental and Foundation Studies Division
  • Fleet Library at RISD, 15 Westminster Street, Providence
  • Jolly Roger Deli, 257 South Main Street, Providence
  • Livi’s Pockets, 65 Weybosset Street, Providence
  • Mail Services, 30 North Main Street, Providence
  • The Met, 34 Waterman Street, Providence
  • Nature Lab, 13 Waterman Street, Providence
  • Portfolio Café, 15 Westminster Street, Providence
  • risd:store, 30 North Main Street, Providence
  • risd:store 3D, 12 North Main Street, Providence
  • Rite Aid, 456 Branch Avenue, Providence,
  • Rite Aid, 135 Pitman Street, Providence
  • Rite Aid, 655 Warren Avenue, East Providence (24-hour location)
  • Watermark Café, 30 North Main Street, Providence

risdbucks: Guest Cards

Guests and students who are not current RISD degree students may purchase risdbucks guest cards in increments of $10, $20 or $50 at the RISD Store, Portfolio Café and The Met. risdbucks is an optional prepaid declining balance account developed to be a convenient way for students to make purchases of products and services both on and off campus (wherever you see the risdbucks logo). In addition to participating on- and off-campus retailers, risdbucks is the only method of payment accepted for on-campus printing (including specialty printing) and laundry.

Use of the risdbucks guest card constitutes acceptance of the following terms: guest card is not redeemable for cash; is non-refundable; and may only be used at participating dining and retail locations and participating printers and laundry areas. Treat your card like cash; RISD is not responsible for expenses resulting from loss, theft or misuse of the card. Value can be added at the RISD Store, Portfolio Café or The Met with cash or check only.

Student Advantage

The Student Advantage Card offers students a 15% discount on Amtrak tickets, along with many other savings opportunities from over 70 discount partners such as Greyhound and

RISD students are eligible for a specially discounted rate on the Student Advantage Card – four years of savings for $45. Most first-year students prefer the four-year option so they don’t have to renew it each year. RISD students can also opt for a one-year card for $20. Enroll online or call 800 333-2920 and mention RISD.