As an integral part of a fine arts school, Architecture at RISD emphasizes process, artistic sensibilities and social and ethical responsibility. Students hone the ability to think and communicate through drawing, making, writing and discussing ideas with others as they define and articulate a personal approach to the discipline.

In order to ease workflow and reduce the use of paper, content from the student and faculty handbooks has been uploaded to these sites:

BEB Student Resource Site
BEB Faculty Resource Site

The sites also include the building and studio policies, information on advising, as well as other helpful resources.


James Dean
Integrated Technology Coordinator/Model Shop
401 454-6273

David Dilks
Technical Assistant III
401 454-6273

Amy Kulper
Department Head
401 277-4849

Dan Lilly
Computer Lab Technician
401 454-6673

Carl Lostritto
Graduate Program Director
401 709-8545

Kathryn Rogers
Department Coordinator
401 454-4993

Sara Willett
Senior Department Administrative Coordinator
401 454-6205