The Admissions Office's primary mission is to ensure the enrollment goals of the college by bringing in new degree program students. We work with first-year, transfer, visiting, post bac, and graduate students. Our office achieves these goals through recruitment and outreach, application review by faculty and staff, and engagement with admitted students. If you find yourself working with a student who is interested in joining RISD's degree program, please direct them to our office for the most up-to-date information about applying and deadlines.

Campus Tours:

The Admissions Office regularly offers campus tours and information programs to prospective students and families. Students can view the full schedule of available events on We also accommodate campus tours for new employees. Please email to schedule a tour for a newly hired employee.


Marin Brennan
Admissions Officer
401 454-6301

Michael Cameron
401 454-6304

Zack Davey
Admissions Officer
401 454-6393

Carol Grabbert
Coordinator, Visitors & Events
401 454-6311

Takeya Hollant
Associate Director, Admissions Operations
401 454-6303

Sarah Lauck
Admissions Coordinator
401 277-4812

Takeya Lee
Assistant Director, Admissions Operations
401 454-6303

Melanie Patterson
Assistant Director of Admissions Communication and Outreach
401 454-6324

Antonio Peters
Associate Director
401 454-6302

Molly Pettengill
Associate Director, Graduate Recruitment
401 454-6312

Isabelle Sanchez
Assistant Director
401 454-6310

Kara Skolnik
Admissions Officer
401 454-6307