The Admissions Office's primary mission is to ensure the enrollment goals of the college by bringing in new degree program students. We work with first-year, transfer, visiting, post bac, and graduate students. Our office achieves these goals through recruitment and outreach, applicant review, and engagement with admitted students. If you find yourself working with a student who is interested in joining RISD's degree program, please direct them to our office for the most up-to-date information about applying and deadlines.


Kristina Behan
Director, Admissions Operations
401 454-6308

Michael Cameron
Director, Admissions Recruiting
401 454-6304

Catherine Cawley
Admissions Officer
401 454-6305

Carol Grabbert
Admission Assistant, Record/Inq Proc
401 454-6311

Takeya Lee
Admissions Operations Specialist
401 454-6303

Hattie McLean
Assistant Director, Admissions Operations
401 454-6301

Edward Newhall
Associate Vice President, Enrollment
401 454-6307

Melanie Patterson
Admissions Officer
401 454-6324

Antonio Peters
Assistant Director, Admissions
401 454-6302

Molly Pettengill
Assistant Director, Graduate Recruitment
401 454-6312

Isabelle Sanchez
Admissions Officer
401 454-6310