Writing Center

The RISD Writing Center offers free peer tutoring in writing for all RISD students and serves as a resource for those who appreciate writing in the context of art and design.

The mission of the RISD Writing Center is to support RISD’s undergraduate and graduate students in the process of writing through one-to-one peer tutoring, to provide resources for students and faculty on learning and teaching writing and to advocate for writing as a method and record of critical thinking and expression in all disciplines, including art and design.

Tutoring is a collaborative process focused on clarifying intent, activating strategies and building confidence. Tutors—RISD students who are trained in writing center theory and practice—consult on any topic, from sentence structure to strength of argument, and on any kind of writing, from academic papers to grant applications. While an individual piece of writing is generally the focus of a tutoring session, our ultimate goal is to help students become actively engaged in developing writing skills over time.