Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable, a department within Procurement Services, strives to provide professional, courteous service to the campus community and college vendors to ensure the timely and accurate processing of payments in compliance with RISD policies, state and federal regulations.


Definition: Guest/visiting critics; guest/visiting lecturers; guest/visiting artists/designers/scholars who give public addresses, perform, demonstrate techniques/materials/processes, lead intensive workshops or interpreters for any of the aforementioned categories may be paid an honorarium for services which are related to or enhancements of curricula (College), co-curricular (CSI), or provide cultural programming for the college community or general public (Museum of Art).

Honoraria Payment Process

  1. A domestic guest/visiting artist/designer/scholar/performer completes W9.
  2. Department submits Honorarium Payment Form and W9 to Accounts Payable and certifies that performance of services fall within the above definition of an honoraria.

For payments to foreign nationals, read how to prepare for hosting an international visitor and what steps you need to follow when your visitor is on campus.

Performer Payment Process

For musicians, singers, dancers, etc. contracts are required for performers in this category. For more information, contact Procurement.