Academic Advising

Academic advising at RISD is conducted by members of the full-time faculty, with support from Academic Affairs and the Office of the Registrar. Over the course of their degree program, undergraduate students will be assigned three faculty advisors: a First-Year advisor from the Experimental and Foundation Studies division, a faculty advisor from the department of a student’s chosen major, and in the sophomore year a faculty advisor from the Liberal Arts division. These advisors work cooperatively to facilitate each student’s academic experience at RISD. Ensuring that a student is on track for graduation is the advisor’s basic responsibility, but the relationship is likely to be more expansive. Broader, developmental advising might include advice about internships, study abroad, and career opportunities. Academic Affairs provides support to faculty advisors through informational resources, training, and the Division-based Advising Coordinator program.

Division-Based Advising Coordinators

Academic Affairs launched a pilot program in 2014–15 to support faculty advisors through Division-based Advising Coordinators. There will be one Division-based Advising Coordinator for Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, Architecture + Design and Foundation Studies divisions. The Division-based Advising Coordinators will not conduct advising with students but focus their efforts on facilitating the advising process in their division by providing information and tools to faculty and generally serving as an advising resource.

Division of Fine Arts
Robert Brinkerhoff

Division of Foundation Studies
Ken Horii

Division of Architecture + Design
Peter Dean

Division of Liberal Arts
Susan Ward